The Green Mountains of Visp
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The Green Mountains of Visp

The Green Mountains of Visp

Some moments in life just make you stop and wonder. I've travelled to Visp, Switzerland - not for the best of reasons - and not having been to Switzerland before, I was just completely taken aback by the sheer amount of surrounding nature.

Everywhere you go, you're surrounded by this colossal body of mountains as far as the eye can see. It's impossible to not be overwhelmed by this feeling of stillness. Personally, such monumental landscapes always puts things in perspective - they remind me of how small we really are, and how our worries and self-absorved feelings are not really that important in the grand scheme of things. The mountains have been here for such a long time, and will continue to be after we're gone, almost as if watching us.

Although some of you might think this is quite stupid, this takes me back to a time where I would play a lot of World of Warcraft back in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. I know that being in nature in a game does not count, but bear with me for a moment.

There was a specific place called Grizzly Hills, which has what I consider to be one of the best themes in the MMORPG genre. It's such a simple, calm and serene melody, with a clear Irish/Celtic motive in the solo violin and the corn anglais, and it embodies so well the feeling of becoming lost in nature.

I don't know why, but listening to this theme in particular, I always experience some form of nostalgia that's usually related to that specific time in my life. But in this place, it just hits differently. It's as if the landscape is telling me there are simpler things in life to be enjoyed, that this time in the past that gives me these feelings of can be in fact something real of the present, if only you take the time to look for it, or even at it.

Green as far as the eye can see, birds chirping, fresh air, family, friends and loved ones. There is little that matters more.