Notion is pretty sick
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Notion is pretty sick

I must say - I think I’ve become a Notion fanboy.

I’ve used so many tools in the past to try and organize myself better (who hasn’t right?), but I haven’t come across one just as complete as Notion. The value proposition is so high, that even if it’s not the best in every single category, it ends up being so competent because of the sheer amount of different types of databases and repositories you can have.

From task lists to journals, documents, the ability to view them in different ways has just severely expanded my notion (lol) of how simple it can be to be organized, since I’m able to get so much done.

My big thing is able to have all my documents and journaling in the same hub as my work documents, but separate enough that I am not tempted to engage in work when I’m working on personal stuff. This has always been a huge issue for me, and the applications that I’ve found are not cross-compatible in an integrated way. Since I do much of my writing on my iPad, being able to work on it and jump into my Windows desktop and be able to continue where I left off is just so good.

Google Workspace just feels so limiting even though it has everything you need. One tab for email, one tab for calendar, another one for tasks, one more for this and that, it’s tiring. Notion is perfect in this regard - you create a directory (which doubles as page cover) and inside them you can have any combination of types of data. I’ve even rewritten my CV in Notion, and it’s always such a great experience since you can go from making simple text documents like this to elaborate work that just look sick. Oh, and export it to HTML, Markdown or PDF too if that wasn’t good enough.

Not only that, I can integrate Notion with my Ghost instance, Airtable Databases, Slack and so much more - it looks promising.

But let’s stop it here because I’m still new to it, and there must be some downsides. I’ll be daily driving Notion for all my work and lists and tasks, and I will make a full review when I feel I have a good grasp of it.