Jaime L. Jacob

Jaime L. Jacob

I’m a passionate artist with a deep love for music, technology and the visual arts. As a creative, I express myself through music and illustration, and help people and companies express themselves through design by building their dream website, shop, logo and general branding.

In my business domains of expertise, I excel in the optimization of services and products by smart use of automations and data-driven analytics to fuel product and processes development, improvement and implementation. A strong team leader, I’m known for being a dependable colleague, with a strong opus of general knowledge of internet systems and infrastructure.

As a violinist and classical musician, I’ve had the fortune of collaborating with amazing artists from all over the world, from all kinds of artistic disciplines. Thanks to that I’ve become a versatile instrumentalist, having experience in Orchestral & Solo Playing, Chamber Music, Contemporary Music, Contemporary Opera/Theater and CD/Album Recordings.

Skills & Areas of Knowledge

Professional Skills

• Customer Service
• Technical Support
• Team Management
• Onboarding & Training
• Content Creation
• Problem-Solving
• Project Management
• Process Optimization
• Music Performance & Teaching
• Visual Storytelling

Technical Skills

• Domain Industry
• Shared & Dedicated Hosting
• JavaScript
• Design
• Internet General Knowledge
• Music Industry & Theory

Interests & Hobbies

• Painting
• Drawing
• Games
• Music Composition

Software & Application Expertise

Project Management

• Jira
• Airtable
• Google Workspace


• Zendesk
• Rocket Chat
• Slack

Design & Development

• WordPress
• Ghost
• Adobe Photoshop
• Figma
• Procreate

Video & Audio

• Audacity
• Ableton Live 11
• Adobe Premiere Pro

Need my talents?

Feel free to reach out.